Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Truth of My Intentions

Therefore if there is any encouragement in Christ, if there is any consolation of love, if there is any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and compassion, make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose. Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. ~ Philippians 2:1-4

I truly need your help in discerning my emotions and how I act toward others - I need you to investigate my heart, mind and soul and prosper your spirit in my own life.  Help see the truth of my intentions without holding them in comparison to others actions toward me, or what I see happening around me.
Help my every intention to be holy, lovely and pure.  And when attached help me to not retaliate in evil ways - but trust that in all I do I am here to do your work, be loved and prospered by you and ultimately be who you divinely created me to be.
In all things you are Lord! Help me live mindful of where I immaturely act against that truth. Help me to prosper in growing into the maturity that is ours in Christ Jesus.  Help me to never turn back to the life I have left behind, but see that all I am moving toward is so much more than any vain pleasures I walked away from.
Thank you for this day, my life, my relationship with you, the activities you have for me to participate in and the family I so dearly love.  No matter how I perceive the feelings, thoughts and intents of those closest to me, may I always be above reproach and clearly bringing glory to you.  After all it is by your passionate zeal that I am even able to consider these things.  And if I can consider them, I can desire them and if I can desire them then you train me up to have the preparedness to use them as the opportunity arises.
You said: I AM THAT I AM and in all things you will be with me - setting all things by your sovereign purposes; may that be active and freely accepted as a perfectly beautiful thing in my heart, mind and soul ~ always in all ways.
For the Love you so richly give to us all,

 Our prayers are a showing of the cries of our heart, this is why the psalms are so real throughout all generations.  If you have never written out the cries of your heart I would highly suggest doing so.  Over the years you will see how your thoughts and feelings morph over time.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Help Me, A Psalm For The Soul

Hi Dad.....

Please help me put your thoughts on center stage.....
What is it you are working toward in all these "feelings"?  Where am I seeing only 1 angle, or at least not all angles of your Sovereign Designs?

Help me, I pray, to not be moved by the pride of others, lusting deceitful trickery to fulfill their powerless wills.  But if in me there is a pride-filled intention let me be moved to humility.

Help me to use Truth as my barometer and my mouth to call your power into everything.  Help me to lean deep into your body for refuge, knowing by grace all is well in all things.

Help me to be part of demolishing strongholds, to tear down dividing walls and unifying our faith.  Help me to be a peacemaker and allow you to avenge, if and when you see vengeance is due.

Help me to love tenderly, the brothers and sisters, to not hold back but open wide knowing my heart is your own.  Help me to not fear the pain of rejection, hate of men or their injurious, unkind words.

Help me to not provoke or return evil; but as allowed, unto others, to always do good.  Help me to humble myself in your presence and in patience ask what's the best recourse for everyone involved.
Help me to keep offering all you've provided, even when rejected; only you, God, know when readiness and perfect timing intersect. Help me find delight in all my trying and see the power of your Spirit producing its perfect effects.

Help me rejoice more in the hoping, in what is unseen and remember my Lord.  Help me not cherish what I can grab onto; and to not cling to people; ultimately we are your to have and to hold.

Help me to understand I have nothing sacrifice worthy; any trinket I value, while a gift, is sacrificially void.  Help me to use my heart, mind soul and body to come to know you, as best I can till I know as I am known.

Help me find joy even in my lack of understanding; how can I be troubled when I'm forgiven, liberated and a child of God.  I trust you are with me, even in me already working. And I thank you for helping me become who you divinely designed me to be.


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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Strangely Dimming World

......Having loved His own who were in the world....He loved them to the end ~ John 13:1


I trust your plans for me and your timing for "those plans".  Please help me to count the number of my days; not due to fear, of not having more, but out from the joy, of the gift, of being able to give back into your efforts. Thank you for the desire to participate and also for the maturation of "peace in patience", "self control in zeal" and "purity in wanting".  Thank you for continuing to refine my nature & blossoming your character; for chiseling away any hard matters and unveiling the mastery of your grace.

Be glorified, as what you freely give, plant and mature produces all good things in their appointed time.  May I not rush to use what is in formation; may I settle all matters by trusting in what is faithful and true. For you Lord are God and there is no one here on earth, below or above you that I should search aimlessly for another way.  You are Love, the highest and greatest of all!  As I am able, this day, I will abide in faith and hope believing in you, who is able to provide.....

Where I am not aware of my obtrusive ways, I ask for wisdom and praise you for the mercy and grace which this day brings.  Where I say anything fruitless, may you capture those words, bring them back to my presence and teach me truth.  IF I continue in any false thought, action or am foolishly squandering my gifts, give me the presence, through your mighty spirit, to quickly be reconciled, restored and committed to your will.

I ask these things because you, God, are for me; you've made plans, sent provision and tenderly care about every thing.  I am you child and you're my Father - you are my Lord, Savior and King of kings.  May I serve you in all things from the least to the greatest; and may all that I know be produced by what you understand.  For life is from your breath, power and constant presence - without which my life could not bare or even stand.  You Lord are my tower, sanctification and eternal salvation.  My life, as I see it, a window to the Great I AM.

May all that is seen in no way diminish who YOU are, what you gave and all you surely redeem....
To God, the Almighty and Holy Sovereign Creator, please cover what I don't know and cannot comprehend. Thank you for this day and the salvation of the many.  May Christ even now have all bow humbly and low......


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Friday, June 27, 2014

For Now I Have Seen

But I will camp around My house because of an army, because of him who passes by and returns; and no oppressor will pass over them anymore.....For now I have seen "with My eyes".  Zechariah 9:8

 Hi Daddy,

Thank you for blessing the desires of my heart, for giving me One hope which centralizes my thoughts and visions upon and toward: Jesus Christ, your son, my Messiah and blessed redeemer!

Thank you for ministering truth to my distorted thoughts and knowledge.  Thank you for entering the infernal darkness and gracing all matters with your righteous, pure light.  Thank you for the cool breeze of your presence, which lifts us through and up from the ridiculous heat, and for covering us perfectly as we emerge; then placing us securely upon that same wing.

You alone are God and no other shall be given your reign.  Nothing besides you is Lord and nothing outside you will surely gain.  Magnify truth as I seek, expose what is lacking and be received.  I ask, for I know not where my thoughts may be vain.

You, surely, are Lord of my life.  You first longed deeply for what is right; you called with out needing me to change, only to hear, turn and trust in your name. You will prevail where I fail.  You will be before all my days.  You will be behind to protect and your great mercy will drive me into place.

I love you, but of that I won't boast - even the highest that I give is not my own.  It is within Christ, in His heart we are received.  Yet I will rise and be glad in my form, for you delight that I am please to be your child and grow.

In my heart, mind and soul these things I know: Today is filled with good things from above; I am remembered as you created me to be known; I am blessed in the goodness of your Son ~ So again, now, be glorified my Lord.

Kisses C

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This Ship Has Sailed

Then he said to them, "You like to appear righteous in public, but God knows your hearts. What this world honors is detestable in the sight of God. ~ Luke 16:15

But in Psalms 46:10 we can find comfort as He reminds us "I Am".........and to Rest, Sink our self down, come into His peaceful arms and KNOW ....He IS....our God and FORever ....FOR us!
I poured out my heart to Him on this very subject today.  This is here in hopes that anyone needing Him, may find least that is my prayer ~ Candace
October 30, 2013,
Father, Daddy, Elohim.......I AM.....
I need to receive YOUR peace so that I am not tempted in anyway to charge others, to defend myself.  I am of your reputation and not my own.  I am owned by you and you will not cast me away as others do - but the fault is mine.......not others.......if I CAN be cast away then I am on "their" property, because no one can cast me out of you!  Help me to understand all this very clearly sir.
Firstly - if I am harboring a ship of debt and anchoring it in the bay of my heart and mind - empower my soul to be in the will of your spirit ,to let it all freely go it's own way: away from the shore of my heart, mind and soul.  Let me fill their hull with blessing, put a garland around their neck, pray for their safe adventure and prosperity as they return home. 
O Father, let me love them as you do....with you...within your soul.  Allow me to see with great pleasure the advancements of things I do not know. Christ was pierced for our transgressions; so let my heart not desire to pierce mankind; for then I transgress my own salvation, determining they still owe more!
May I never forsake you, who first loved me; but be ever indebted to your will.  Freely I come to serve you, the bondsman who holds what I owe.  I agree to never run out, leave you stranded, but to stay and work hard with my own hands, to repay what was given freely: never questioning my integrity to always stay. 
You desired me, you conceived me, you made me; you know my every purpose and designed a GREAT plan!  You show me all things as I am ready; till then you tell me stories of strength. Your laughter, your tears and your guidance humble my need to seek alone; for without your blessed assurance, I doubt and I fear......I DON'T know.  Even then you do not turn against me - you simply hand me my next joyous task.  You smile as if this too was a lesson and tenderly touch the top of my head. 
Side by side, as we go, I feel your comfort; but it is inside as you grow I feel your strength.  Then the moment your words rise up from me is the moment when your courage is seen.  But by me, in that moment I see amazement; I see you there and nothing of me.  For I know all the places I've traveled and I know the great depths from which you raised me up.  And this was not of my ability: not my effort, my strength or my sharp mind.  It was kicking and pausing and fleeing ....and whining and praising you with all my might!
O Father, may I ever be humble - may I turn back when I overstep YOUR plan.  May I lead when another can not find you - may I watch as they realize where you are.  May I share in the joy of your union, may I celebrate the feast of the Lamb, may I never in anyway betray you - for I am a Lover of the One True I AM.
For the Glory of the Lord alone.........we shine =D
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Once Again....

Good Morning Dad :)

Once feels as though so much time has passed.....

O, that I could spend time with the aware-ness of your abiding presence so that I do not feel any separation!

I miss quiet time with you alone - I so deeply, passionately and honestly need all that you are, every second, so that you may be liberated fully in all my ways.

I get rather zealous when I think about all the possibilities of your presence.  I cannot get to the end of them!  In fact, the more I perceive things through what I am experiencing of your character and reality, the more I realize just how many facets of who you are which I am still not even aware of yet!

Thank you for the gift of your relationship and the blessings of working as YOU afford opportunity.  Please continue to be glorified as I seek first your kingdom and your name to be raised up in praise.  Thank you for hiding me deep within your inner most parts and forming me anew - not as I was born unto man, but as I was born unto Christ; YOUR child!

O, glory be on High Hosanna!  Thank you for imparting your powerful spirit to hoist my bones and renew my life within your will.  Thank you for blessing me that I might have something truly charitable, gentle, kind and wise to give unto the needs you send me into.

Thank you for drenching me with your goodness, so that their thirst may be satisfied by your magnificent, almighty depths flowing out from me.  Thank you for piercing my darkness with your Son's brilliance so that they may see Him as His glory covers my human image.

Thank you for the seasons of life which have given me the salt of experience, that I may be able through my faith in your faithfulness, to preach the fullness of your healing word.  May they taste your goodness and never turn back from your gracious presence.

O Lord, be mighty in my form, empower your life as the inspired unity you desire - I die only to live fully......I lay down only to be raised up......I give nothing which was not given first to me.  Let my gratitude be grace received, mercy you purchased and never return to you void.

In the power of your Holy Spirit and in the heart of my Savior Jesus Christ, out from the depths of My Holy God I come back into you for you to send me out into the YOU chose and enable.

Unify us as the body you desire, may that be our undying sacrifice Father - Amen!


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Monday, February 4, 2013

How's Your Appetite?

Each of us are a witness to God's story,
We narrate, but it's His story to tell.
The story starts at the beginning,
The beginning began before all time.

His voice alone started the hands moving,
our collective stories toll His final hour.
Into the dark of night His words were spoken,
The power of His breath sparked with light.

The very first flicker gave us a vision,
The vision gave a knowledge of taste.
Though life grows an appetite for what is better,
Our stomachs must be filled with what's good.

When hunger alone looks for what's desirous,
The eyes roam and search for delight;
But not every appetite can be satisfied,
So God provided plenty for the taking,
In hopes that we would choose the best life.

I know that I matter to God Almighty,
For He took part of time His time to give me life.
He joined me with the light of His new day,
As One He peered deeply through out our years.

Together they care, share and lead me,
He guides me into gardens I did not make,
He amazes me with truth as I discover,
and experience the wonders of Zoe life.

In the beginning, I knew not my story,
I was aimless, driven madly about.
Through my searches I found knowledge of good and evil,
At evils doorway I glimpsed terror and fright.

In my trembling, weak condition mercy found me,
And in His mercy I accepted the strength of His grace.
I was blanketed from lack of understanding,
Which enabled me to run deeply into His embrace.

Wrapped in the goodness of His love each morning,
I trust He will not guide me as if a stray;
For He is the Lord and my Sheppard,
He is goodness, and ever faithful to call my name.

So if I cannot see by the wayside,
I sit and wait, in remembrance of my hope.
I allow restless waters to flow past me,
Till I peer into the smooth surface of His face.

I beseech you, be at peace on the shoreline;
Don't cast stones making noise and stirring strife.
Rest your soul, let your roots sink into the soft ground,
Let the harmony of God's breath gently surround.

Breathe deep, all the gifts of His fragrance,
Hear His stories of creation since time began.
Know God, the Father has you planted,
first a seedling, then a sapling to His delight.

All for His glory and namesake........

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